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Save fuel and boost performance with the Hyster® RS46 series ReachStacker.

  • Versatility in application
  • Energy-efficient
  • Engineered to excel
  • Ergonomic cab
  • Performance optimisation
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Designed to achieve maximum space utilisation in intense container terminals and ports, it offers outstanding manoeuvrability and superior handling speeds with no loss of power at full capacity for demanding loads. Long regarded as one of the most reliable and robust container handlers in the world, the Hyster® ReachStacker’s energy-efficient technologies can offer proven fuel savings of up to 25%.

The innovative Hyster® ReachStacker is available in a wide range of configurations and options providing unprecedented flexibility to perform tasks in many different applications including 2nd rail handling, container dumping, windmill blade and tower handling, steel handling and barge handling.

A Hyster® ReachStacker can be equipped with a toolchanger attachment giving the operator the ability to more easily and quickly switch between different attachments (ie: slab tongs & magnets, c-hooks, pipe clamps) and enable a leaner, more productive fleet for steel operations.

Reduce fuel consumption while maintaining productivity and lifting speeds, bringing the cost per load moved down. Choose a truck with selectable ECO modes (eLo and Hi-P) and you can balance maximum productivity with excellent fuel economy levels that work for you.

Applications handling at long load centres with ReachStackers can also increase performance thanks to extra low-end engine torque on the new Stage V engines. Noise at inland terminals can also be reduced.

Stage V engines use a combination of a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), DEF (like AdBlue®) and a Diesel Particle Filter (DPF). With a cooled EGR, which minimises the creation of NOx, there is less DEF used and with smart monitoring and service, uptime is optimised in demanding applications.

The new boom design is proven to offer increased durability, easier maintenance, as well as less wear and improved component life. This lowers service costs helping to reduce overall operating costs.

The durable 2-stage boom design is constructed from T-1 steel, with two plane welding for additional strength. The one-piece frame features reinforced welding of the main sections with heavy duty rear supports.

The uniquely wide spaced boom head provides strong support for the
spreader which makes light work of handling 20'- 40' ISO Containers.

The heavy-duty steer axle is engineered for long life and outstanding steering capability.

The unique and patented Hyster stabilizer utilizes dynamic pressure, meaning approximately 24% of the front loading will remain on the front axle, giving extra side stability and lower ground loading. The heavy duty, innovative stabilizer has rapid deployment, increases stability and reduces tire wear on the rear axle.

The Hyster® ReachStacker cab provides excellent comfort for operators working in the toughest applications and extreme weather conditions. Equipped with an armored glass top window, curved front and rear windows and steel doors with tempered glass, the operator cab provides excellent all-around visibility.

Ergonomically designed, the high visibility cab puts greater productivity within easy reach. The cabin includes a dual digital display with load weight and load moment information, as well as boom geometry, as standard. This helps support operators with suggested actions for maintaining stability and reducing load-centre

The cab is designed to minimize noise and vibration levels for the operator and the ergonomically designed superior seating and generous space provides maximum comfort for the operator and helps to reduce fatigue.

A harmonised system design which includes automatic throttle-up, on-demand hydraulics, on-demand cooling and hibernate idle help to reduce fuel consumption on Hyster® trucks under varying load conditions. These Hyster® solutions can provide significant savings in fuel consumption and maintenance costs over the life of the truck.

Innovative ECO modes: Hi-P and e-Lo

  • Hi-P provides maximum performance and good fuel economy
  • e-Lo provides minimum fuel consumption without losing productivity